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Gyuto knives hand forged and versatile

Gyuto knives from Japan are versatile cooking knives for preparing fish and meat, but this type of knife is also ideal for finely chopping herbs, onions and other vegetables. Gyutos are distinguished from other all-purpose knives by their slightly wider and often longer blade. The tapered shape of gyuto blades is similar to that of classic western kitchen knives. The typical blade length ranges from about 180mm to 240mm and is therefore ideally suited for larger items to be cut. As a rule, original Japanese Gyuto knives are ground on both sides.

Hand-forged Gyuto chef's knives are true all-purpose knives

You can think of the gyuto knife as the Japanese equivalent of the widely used Western kitchen knife/all-purpose knife. Gyutos are true multi-purpose knives and this knife shape makes many different tasks in the kitchen go easily from hand. Mostly it is used to process meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The round tapered blade allows rolling on the cutting surface and also the chopping of onions is well feasible with this knife geometry. Due to the pointed blade of the Gyuto, precise work such as cutting into meat or garnishing work is well possible.

Original Gyuto knife - also suitable for chopping herbs

Similar to a cleaver for herbs, an original Gyuto knife can also be unrolled over the cut material from the base of the blade to the tip and thus chop or very finely divide the cut material. The high blade of the gyuto knife also allows this technique, the contact of the back of the knife with the knuckles to be able to ensure a clean knife guide and a safe work is enabled. Of course, this type of knife can enable the cutting of the material to be cut towards the body (pulling) as well as away from the body (pushing). How to cut is then up to the preference of the user of these knives.

Original Japanese gyuto knives: the best choice for meat

The center of gravity of gyuto knives from Japan, which often lies in the direction of the knife tip, makes handling much more agile compared to Western all-purpose knives and allows for more precise work. Gyutos usually have a length of 170-300mm, although there are exceptions up and down. For normal use, the lengths of 170-240mm are perfectly adequate, although professional and ambitious hobby chefs also like to reach for the longer versions and enjoy the benefits of these knives while cooking. If you compare the Gyuto with the Santoku and Bunka, then the Gyuto can be the best alternative for meat.