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  • Shipping within EU 7€. Germany and Austria with free shipping for oders over 200€

Original Japanese water sharpening stones for enormous sharpness

Sooner or later, every knife needs to be resharpened. With Japanese knife steels, this is necessary at longer intervals than with conventional European knife steels, but sooner or later even a Japanese knife will wear to a certain degree, which makes it necessary to use the right sharpening accessories.

Important: Our original Japanese kitchen knives must never be sharpened with a honing steel (sharpening steel). This can damage the blades.

  • Our sharpening accessories have been extensively tested with the knives in our store
  • Different sharpening stones are recommended depending on your sharpening experience
  • Even beginners can always achieve top grinding results with a little practice and the right grinding accessories
  • Depending on the grinding experience we offer different stones and grinding sets to serve the respective requirements
  • Our selection is deliberately not only on Japanese water stones. Our selection of the offered grinding accessories is 100% based on our grinding tests with the knives we offer
  • Depending on the condition of the blade, the appropriate sharpening stone must be selected
  • The coarser the specified grit of the whetstones, the more material will be removed from the blade
  • Consequently, a finer grit is recommended for a fine resharpening
  • In general, a medium grit from 1000 JIS is sufficient for normal use to achieve a basic sharpness
  • For final sharpening and extreme sharpness, grits from 3000 JIS can be recommended