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The uniqueness of Japanese blades - knife knowledge

The tradition of Japanese knifemaking emerged from the history of Japanese swordsmithing. Japanese swords were made as early as the 15th century and the influences from this tradition can still be felt in some Japanese knifemakers today. From this centuries-old connection can be derived the skill and care that our blacksmiths continue to bring to the making of Japanese knives. The Japanese knife can be considered a cultural asset that has been preserved to this day.

In most cases, Japanese knives are multi-layered and have a core made of a special steel (see our section on knife steels). However, there are also variants that are constructed from one type of steel (Honyaki). Japanese knives are not always sharpened on both sides, there are also many blades sharpened on one side (see our section on sharpening knives correctly). Due to the great variety of blade shapes, a special type of knife can be used for every purpose, but knife types have also developed that can be used as all-purpose knives (see our Knife Types section). Compared to conventional European and Chinese knives, Japanese knives and steels are characterized by their much higher sharpening potential and significantly higher edge retention.

Today, Japanese knives are appreciated by professional and hobby chefs worldwide and are correspondingly widespread. The appealing appearance as a combination of handle shape and color, blade shape and grind, as well as the finish of the blade, certainly contributes to this. With proper care, Japanese knives are very durable and a faithful companion for a long cooking life (see our section care instructions).

In our store you will find knives that stand in the described tradition. We do not offer industrial mass-produced goods, but focus on knifemakers who produce exclusive products in small quantities. Each of our knives is unique and a piece of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.