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Ishikawa White #2 Funayuki 180mm - Kurouchi finished, Urushi handle blue

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Funayuki - The fish knife with all-rounder qualities

Once the Funayuki knife was a must on every Japanese fishing boat. Thanks to the special shape of the elongated tip, all work involved in cutting fish can be done effortlessly. Fine, precise work such as filleting is just as possible as gutting, cleaning and rough cutting of fish. However, this knife can also be used as an all-purpose knife and effortlessly cut up cuttings such as meat, vegetables and fruit.

Please note that these knives have irregularities. These are caused by the traditional Nakaniida manufacturing process and are not product defects, but are intentional. This forging technique consists of 28 processing steps and was adopted from katana blade manufacturing. The special feature here is that the already cooled blades are shaped further and further by hammering. This manufacturing process is therefore not suitable for mass production, but only for unique pieces that are created purely by hand. This forging technique produces blades that have excellent sharpness and at the same time very high blade flexibility. Even the inexperienced can sharpen these knives very well.

The blade core of this Funayuki is made of White #2 steel. It is a single-edged knife for right-handers. The blade is inserted into the handle at a slight angle. This counteracts "drifting" when cutting.

We do not know of any forges that still practice the Nakaniida technique other than Ishikawa-san's knives.

  • Length of blade: 185mm
  • Height blade: 49mm
  • Length handle: 128mm
  • Length knife: 330mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Color handle: Urushi blue
  • 3-ply blade construction with core made of White #2 steel according to San Mai
  • hardness of core steel: 63HRC
  • Outer steel layer made of low stainless steel with Kurouchi finish

Product and care instructions

· This knife is not suitable for hard cuts such as bones and frozen foods

· These knives should never be put in the dishwasher and must be hand rinsed and dried after each use for long life.

· If not properly cared for, these blades tend to rust.

· In addition, regular treatment with oil is recommended.

· Since the knives are handmade, each one is unique. This also means that the knives may differ slightly from each other visually.