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Matsubara White #1 Bunka 170mm - Kurouchi finished, Walnut handle

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A medium all-rounder with a rustic look due to Kurouchi finish

This hand-forged bunka from Matsubara is ground on both sides and has a matte Kurouchi finish. Kurouchi is a special type of finish that is not atypical on Japanese knives. The surface is carbonized and therefore black. This blade finish significantly improves the resistance and corrosion resistance of the knife, in addition to creating this rustic aesthetic. The core of the blade is made of White #1 steel. White #1, or Shirogami 1, is a steel made by Hitachi and is extremely popular with Japanese chef's knives, as it brings ideal properties for a sharp blade. The steel (Hagane) can be brought to over 65 HRC depending on the hardening process, which allows the blade to be ground very sharp. A layer of softer carbon steel is welded around the blade core using the San Mai method. The softer carbon steel on the blade blade not only protects the inner steel core, but also gives the blade a degree of flexibility.

At 170 mm blade length, this chef's knife has all-around qualities. The knife has a slight radius to the blade tip and can be easily used for vegetables such as onions, leeks, carrots, etc. in a cradle cut. The tip gives the knife ideal properties for fine cuts on fish, vegetables or even meat. The knife is suitable for professional and amateur chefs who are looking for an all-purpose knife with a medium-sized blade and an unusual but traditional design. Matsubara knives are perfectly balanced and allow for optimal cutting. The chef's knife is forged by Tanaka-san from the Matsubara forge in Japan.

  • Length blade: 170mm
  • Height blade: 50mm
  • Length handle: 128mm
  • Length knife: 308mm
  • Weight: 152g
  • Handle: walnut wood
  • Hardness grade core steel: HRC 63
  • Sheath steel: Non-stainless carbon steel
  • Blade construction: 3-ply according to the San Mai method
  • Double sided grinding of the cutting edge

Product and care instructions

· This knife is not suitable for hard cuts such as bones and frozen foods.

· These knives should never be put in the dishwasher and must be hand rinsed and dried after each use for long life.

· If not properly cared for, these blades tend to rust.

· In addition, regular treatment with oil is recommended.

· Since the knives are handmade, each one is unique. This also means that the knives may differ slightly from each other visually.