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Yoshimitsu White #1 Bunka 175mm - Kurouchi finished, Ho-Wood handle

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A lot of chef's knife for little money

This hand-forged bunka from Yoshimitsu is ground on both sides and has a matte Kurouchi finish. This blade finish greatly improves the knife's durability and corrosion resistance, plus it creates the rustic aesthetic. The core of the blade is made of White #1 steel.

The excellent price-performance ratio makes this knife an absolute recommendation, because despite the low price it has an excellent balance and can be sharpened very sharp. Suitable, this knife is suitable for most purposes. It can be used for fish, meat and vegetables. Compared to gyuto and santoku, the blade shape of a bunka has advantages in processing fish due to the pointed tip of the knife. Hand forged knives at this price point are hard to find! So this chef's knife can either be your ideal introduction to the world of Japanese hand-forged knives, or another addition to your knives.

  • Length blade: 175mm
  • Height blade: 47mm
  • Length handle: 130mm
  • length knife: 310mm
  • Weight: 108g
  • Handle: Ho-wood
  • Hardness grade core steel: HRC 61
  • Sheath steel: Non-stainless carbon steel
  • 3-ply blade construction with core made of White #1Steel according to San Mai
  • Sheath steel made of low corrosion carbon steel with Kurouchi finish
  • Double sided grinding of the cutting edge

Product and care instructions

· This knife is not suitable for hard cuts such as bones and frozen foods.

· These knives should never be put in the dishwasher and must be hand rinsed and dried after each use for long life.

· If not properly cared for, these blades tend to rust.

· In addition, regular treatment with oil is recommended.

· Since the knives are handmade, each one is unique. This also means that the knives may differ slightly from each other visually.